How does APMC prescreen applicants for my company?

Our recruiters attribute an industry low turnover rate to a rigorous prescreening process in which candidates are evaluated based upon their current skill-sets, the relevancy of past employment history and perceived fit within your corporate culture. At the end of the process, APMC provides all clients with an extensive background test on the individual.

From start to finish, how long should the recruiting process take?

60% of projects are completed by our recruiters within 3 weeks. 80% of recruiting mandates are completed within 4 weeks.  96% of hiring projects are completed between 6 week timespan.

How many employees does APMC place annually?

In 2019 our recruiters helped organizations hire over 400+ manufacturing, IT, sales and marketing employees.

How long until I receive resumes?

Your company will receive qualified job applicants anywhere from 3 – 5 business days. APMC has a very structured onboarding, resume procurement and prescreening process.  This results in highly accurate resume searches.

What sizes of clients does APMC Placement work with?

All sizes.  We have experience recruiting for very well-known firms and have also helped start-ups with their first sales or marketing hire.

What industries does APMC Placement work with?

We work with over 100+ industries.  For further sectors and explanation, you can visit our recruiting industries page.

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