Executive Search & Selection

“The secret to my success is that we’ve gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve Jobs

The senior management of your organization is pivotal in taking it to greater heights. Hiring the right executive can make or break your company. The Executive Search and Selection involves an exhaustive process involving profile filtering, micro-level talent identification, and matching, enabling organizations to connect with the right talents and smooth onboarding to the talent pool.

The specialist headhunting team of APMC is competent in undertaking detailed analysis across the different domains to help organizations reaching out to the right balance of top talents. Our objective is not only to identify the right candidate for the position but also to find the leader who will commit to your organization and grow with it for years. Knowing the fact that Executive search cannot be done over a long period and competition of right talents is intense among the organizations, we have designed the search process backed by a research-based approach that enables easy hiring and onboarding in record time durations.

At APMC, we never compromise on quality in the hiring process and apply a mix of expertise and experience to attain unparalleled excellence in recruitment outputs.

We have devised a five-pronged strategy for our executive search and selection process to ensure that the executive exceeds expectations in terms of skills, strategic objectives, and cultural fit.

  • Deeply knowledgeable and experienced team
    Our highly trained team from various domains understand the current needs of the industry and can identify the best
  • Leverage internal network
    Our team has years of industry experience and contacts of their own in diverse fields giving access to a large pool of skilled candidates
  • Power of research
    We believe staying up to date is the key to identifying those up to date which is a critical criteria for any senior executive.
  • Always network
    We constantly connect with and build relationships with thought leaders in various industries making them approachable when the right opportunity arises.
  • Post recruitment transition support
    We facilitate the acclimatization of the executive to your company post the selection process as well.


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