Recruitment Consultancy For FMCG Sector

The FMCG industry has seen revenue of Rs. 3.4 lakh crore in 2018 and it is expected to double by the end of 2022. The increasing growth of this industry indicates that there will be an increasing need for human resources at all levels.

Recruitment Consultancy for FMCG Sector - APMC human resource management consultancy Pondicherry Chennai Tamil Nadu


  • Manpower planning – Deciding on the number of employees required according to the infrastructure available is not simple. Being overstaffed can increase the cost to the company and being understaffed can lead to lost sales.
  • Seasonal demandFMCG industry is dynamic in its need for employees. There is a higher demand during certain times such as festivals and reduced demand during other times.
  • Scarcity of trained and qualified employeesSince the industry is growing, there is always a need for qualified employees. However, it is a challenge to find such employees, especially at the senior level.
  • Poaching by competitorsFMCG industry is a competitive industry and there is a demand for talented human resources. This has led to the poaching of such employees.

The APMC Solutions:

  • Need analysis APMC analyzes the needs of the client and identifies the requirement accurately. We tailor our strategy according to the organisation and match the requirements in line with the business objectives.
  • Flexible staffing – According to the needs of the clients, APMC sources temporary employees on a contract basis.
  • High-quality human resource – It is important that the organisation does not compromise on the quality of talent employed to maintain a competitive edge. APMC ensures that the staff sourced are of high quality and competence.
  • Long-term employees When the employee and the organisation are a perfect fit, the relationship will be long-term. APMC finds the best-fit talent for the organisation to ensure a long-term relationship, thereby reducing the cost of training and development.


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