Human Resource Management for Automobile Sector

Indian is the fourth largest automobile industry and the seventh-largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. The industry is seeing increasing sales at a rate of 8.3% every year. It is predicted that there will be increased investments in this sector, thereby increasing manufacturing as well. This indicates that there will be additional job opportunities in this sector. APMC is a recruitment agency that can enable robust staffing solutions.

Human Resource Management for the Automobile sector -APMC Hiring Management Consultancy Pondicherry Chennai Tamil Nadu


  • Talent gap – The graduates from college are not all equipped adequately with the skills necessary for the automobile industry. There is a skill gap between the industry needs and the knowledge of the workforce.
  • Alignment of the goals of human resources and company – The vision of the company is not in line with the career objectives of the employees. This leads to reduced productivity and retention rates.
  • High turnover – The boom of the automobile industry has increased the number of jobs and opportunities for the workforce. Hence, employees leave an organisation quickly for “better” opportunities.

The APMC Solutions:

  • Strategic human resource management – Understanding the strengths of the employees and identifying ways to maintain employee motivation can increase job satisfaction. APMC provides the complete profile of every employee shortlisted.
  • Agile talent deployment – Based on the predicted future trends of the industry and the organisation, APMC enables planning and sourcing talent accordingly.
  • Requirement evaluation – APMC recruitment consultants conduct a structured and thorough need analysis of the client organization to understand the exact requirement and sources talent accordingly to ensure increased satisfaction and reduced turnover


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