Recruitment Services For ITES And Software

India is the leading producer of IT-enabled Services with a valuation of $177 billion in 2019. With a growth rate of 6.1%, the industry is expected to $350 billion by the year 2025. The demand for software services in India is continuing to increase, thereby increasing the need for trained and qualified professionals.

Recruitment Services for ITES and Software APMC Human Resource Management Consultancy Puducherry Chennai Tamil Nadu


  • Data protection and privacy – The number one concern for any IT and software services is the privacy of data. After multiple breaches of security of consumers’ and organisations’ data, every company is working to tighten security.
  • Skill gap – In spite of the increasing number of graduates from the relevant background, it is common that the graduates are not job-ready. They are not equipped with the skills necessary for the job.
  • Lack of agility – With increasing talks of the need to be lean and agile, many organisations are still finding it a challenge to be agile.

The APMC Solutions:

  • Human resources experienced in data security – APMC has a large network and database of individuals with the skills, experience, and expertise in data protection and privacy to ensure a high level of security.
  • Highly trained and qualified workforce – To bridge the talent gap, APMC recruitment consultants ensure that the necessary checks are done and our criteria for evaluation are met according to the needs of the client.
  • Quick to adapt staff – Agile employees are the need of the hour and APMC identifies staff who fit the benchmark of our highest standards.


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