Staffing Services For Tyre Industry

The tyre industry is tied to the performance of the automobile industry. Considering the 8.3% year-on-year growth of the automobile industry, the tyre industry booms as well. There was an increase in the tyre volumes in 2015-16 indicating the growth of the industry and the increasing need for additional workforce.

Staffing Services For Tyre | APMC Human Resource Management Consultancy Puducherry Chennai Tamil Nadu Industry


  • Recruiting and retaining the right talent – At all levels of the organisation, it is critical that skilled and talented employees are hired and retained as the cost of training and development is high when the right talent is not hired or quits.
  • Digitization – With every global industry going digital, it is imperative to incorporate digital technologies for efficient operations and to have a competitive advantage. This is lacking in the Indian tyre industry.
  • Intense competition – There are 39 tyre companies and 60 tyre plants in India. There is high competition among the companies in this industry.

The APMC Solutions:

  • Organisation employee fit – APMC analysts use various tools and technologies such as personality and aptitude tests as well as check for cultural fit before sourcing and shortlisting employees to ensure employee-organisation fit.
  • Workforce specialised in technology and digital transformation – Workforce specialised in technology and digital transformation – According to the needs of the clients, APMC carefully assesses every candidate to ensure that they are skilled and well-equipped to handle their job role.
  • Competitive advantage – APMC assists in hiring qualified, experienced, and expert employees for your organisation which enables you to have a competitive edge over other companies.


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